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Sailing Yachts


Auxiliary Sailing Yachts offer Luxury and First- Class Crew in Off-the-Beaten-Track Destinations.


Sailing Vacations are available aboard modern or classic, auxiliary-powered, mono-hull sailing yachts, operated by two to four European crew in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and destinations worldwide. They range in size from 40 feet to 200 feet and are perfect for people who want to experience the thrill of ocean sailing. Mono-hull sailing yachts heel to a point, then stay there, and, once underway, offer exhilarating sailing. They are available in off-the-beaten-track cruising grounds, including the Eastern Caribbean, the South Pacific and the Mediterranean, all of which offer world-class sailing. Auxiliary sailing yachts are designed for off-shore passages – hence, many of them cross the Atlantic, headed for the Caribbean during late fall, then sail back to New England and the Mediterranean in Spring.  However, we offer cruises aboard them along just the coast or islands grouped close together only, as an ideal charter prefers to keep sailing to a maximum of 4 hours daily . All of them offer luxury accommodations and first class crew.


Auxiliary-powered, mono-hull sailing vessels are ideal yachts for multi-generational families. With large master staterooms aft and VIP cabins amidships, and upper and lower bunks forward, and shared bathrooms, they are perfect for families. Mono-hull vessels are the yacht of choice for sailing offshore, because their bottle-shaped hulls are stronger than two hulls that have to be riveted together. Sailing yachts are clean on the environment, and sailing is incredibly relaxing.


Classic, wooden, sailing yachts are making a comeback.  Many wooden yachts are being built today along the lines of older designs.  They continue to be popular charter yachts, because they are beautiful to look at. Their teak and bright work, hand-carved fiddle rails, brass lanterns, gimbaled tables, sweet lines, leaded glass lockers, teak decks, shiny winches, and long bowsprits hark back to the Olden Days, and classic yachts are fast-sailing! Classic yachts turn heads at the marina.


Costs – Weekly rates for Sailing Yachts in the Eastern Caribbean normally include everything except bar, which is sold by the bottle at cost price; however, some of the large sailing yachts charge extra for food and operating costs. When rates include food, they usually slide according to the number of people in the party. When rates do not include food and operating costs, it’s customary to wire a 30% Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) to the captain a month in advance of the cruise. In the Mediterranean, rates for sailing yachts are almost always “plus expenses.” While there is no VAT tax in the Caribbean (except in St. Barths), there is VAT tax in the Mediterranean, and the amount depends on the country. Usually this is about 6.5% of the charter fee. It’s customary to tip the crew between 5% and 15% of the charter fee, at the charterer’s discretion.

bliss hd – 121′ S/Y Bliss sailing off Moorea in the South Pacific – $92,000-$98,000/week + expenses

SY Pacific Wave in the BVI – $14,500-$18,000 weekly all inclusive 2-6 guests BVI

Mainstay – Republic of Sunshine (Sailing Video of 80′ Schooner CORAL OF COWES shooting a commercial for Mainstay) $12,500-$17,500/week + expenses

Blue Passion Grenadines Sailing Adventure – 60′ S/Y “Blue Passion” – $13,500-$17,000 a week all inclusive 2-8 Guests

S/Y Sayang Luxury crewed charter yacht in the British Virgin Islands – 55′ Jeanneau Sloop – $9,400-$13,000 weekly all inclusive – Tortola

Sailing on Fidelity – 46′ Jeanneau Sloop – $6,300-$7,900 weekly all Inclusive 2-4 guests St. Thomas, USVI