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A Superyacht (aka Luxury Yacht or Megayacht) is a privately owned, professionally crewed, sail or power yacht over 120 feet.  It will usually be a three-decker with cabins for 10-12 guests and a crew of similar size. They are available for charter all over the world.  Superyachts are great rewards for CEOs looking to enjoy the perks of their hard work.


Super Yachts are large enough to have a sky lounge located up on the bridge deck in addition to a formal saloon on the main deck.  Aft of both these saloons are two outdoor areas that offer out of door dining.  So Super Yachts are quite a bit larger than 100’ power yachts, which usually have no Sky Lounge, and therefore, one aft deck only.   The Advantage to having a Sky lounge is that in the Mediterranean, in the South of France particularly during the 1960s – before marinas were everywhere – yachts owners liked to anchor stern-to the public wharf, so they could go to the night clubs in Monte Carlo after dinner, and when their yachts were lying stern-to the public wharf, they found a lack of privacy from people looking in from the street.  So they started building larger boats, so they could dine and live ‘up stairs,” away from the crowds.  Thus, it has become the norm that meals on Super Yachts are usually always served upstairs on the bridge deck.  And guests usually hang out in the Sky Lounge before dinner, and service pantries had to be built to connect the galley on the main deck with the service pantry on the bridge deck and sometimes on the sun deck as well…….  Super Yachts have stairwells for crew and stairwells for guests….


All the while, the lovely main saloons with their gorgeous formal dining saloons are not used at all.  This is correct, for the most part, unless guests request to dine there.  To my mind, main saloons on Super Yachts exist to set the tone for what’s in store aboard the rest of the boat.   This explains why yacht owners pay attention to decorating them exquisitely.  For us brokers, it’s a jaw-dropping experience to enter the saloons of  100 Super Yachts during any given charter show.  We enter 100 different saloons one after the other over the course of a single week.  So we notice that each saloon is more incredible than the last!  Onyx, marble and real stamped alligator leather.  The detail!  The fineness of each and every thing! It’s no wonder that these yachts cost well over a hundred million dollars to buy….


The service is also the best on these kinds of yachts.  Guests are greeted on board from a day of shopping in the tropics with either a warm or cold towel to wipe your brow.  Stewards stand at the gangplank and take your shoes and monitor security screens from the Star Wars bridge.  A stewardess arrives with a delicious drink.  The dinner table is set with a theme from Alice in Wonderland.  Lunch that day is going to be at least a four course meal, separated each time with an amuse-bouche, cooked up by none other than a Michelin-rated chef.  The crew is all in uniform, each one specially chosen to be gracious and natural with guests. Like nurses in a hospital, each crew knows how to operate all the machinery in his or her domain, like pros.  Some crews excel at throwing beach parties; others double as masseuses and Jet Ski and Scuba instructors; still others may know all about the wines that pair with each and every meal.  The chefs certainly know how to prepare the latest in Wellness and diet menus.  They say that you don’t want to plan on doing too much dining off the boat, because it’s so much better on board.   I think that’s true….  And the view of the city is so much better from the deck of a boat!


If you can afford a Super Yacht Charter, you ought to charter one from the caring, professional staff of Nicholson Yacht Charters. We go to every boat show in Antigua, Genoa, Athens, Turkey, Tortola, and St. Thomas each year.  We inspect as many yachts as we can for you.  We know our boats. We will guide you to the best of them!


Costs — Weekly Rates are quoted in Euros or US Dollars for the party as a whole and include P&I Insurance and the services of a full complement of professional crew.  Operating costs such as food, fuel, bar, and dockage are extra, sold at cost and usually run about 30% of the charter fee.  It is customary to wire a 30% Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) to the captain one month in advance of the charter to cover these expenses.  The captain keeps receipts and presents these to guests at the end of the charter.  If expenses have not exceeded the amount of APA, the captain refunds the unused portion before guests disembark.  If expenses have exceeded the APA, guests are expected to settle the account before they depart.  Extras are VAT Tax and delivery fees.  Crews will not solicit a gratuity, but a gratuity of between 5% and 20% of the charter fee is customary, at the charterer’s discretion.  High Season rates apply to Christmas and New Year’s in the Caribbean and to July and August in the Mediterranean.  “Event charters,” such as the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix are also charged at a premium.  The rest of the year is low season.

Polar Star Luxury 208 ft. Superyacht Charter Film – €420,000 and €380,000 a week + expenses

Yacht “Belle Aimee” Pacific Charters — 171′ Amels — $250,000/wk + expenses — 10 Guests — 13 Crew — South Pacific / SE Asia

DOÑA LOLA 130′ Charter Yacht — Euros 120,000-$120,000/wk + expenses USA/Caribbean/Mediterranean

Luxury Charter Yacht Sweet Escape- 130′ Christensen in the Bahamas- $95,000 and $90,000 a week plus expenses