Top New Year’s Eve Parties 2014 in the Virgin Islands

  We have selected the Top 3 New Year’s Eve Parties 2014 in the Virgin Islands for you to enjoy….Where ever you celebrate yours, we hope you have fun and enjoy the moment with the people you love.  Wishing you all a Happy New Year! from the Staff at Nicholson Yacht Charters So, uhhhhh… Last night… Willy T’s was… Read more »

Fruits and Vegetables of the Caribbean

North Americans and Europeans are more familiar with fruits and vegetables from the Caribbean than ever before – soursop, guava, sorrel, etc – and this trend is likely to continue.  Even so, some fruits are poor travellers and themselves need to be visited.  The finest specimens are probably not found in shops and supermarkets….  They… Read more »

Bahamas Overview

A yacht charter is simply better in the Bahamas Choosing a charter around the islands of the Bahamas is purely magical. Drop anchor and explore The Berry Islands. Within a mere 50 miles of Florida’s coastline lies the entrance to the Bahamas, a 700-mile long archipelago of pure crystal waters considered a yachtsman’s paradise. The… Read more »

Islands of Contrast – the Grenadines

Islands and Cays of Contrast – The Grenadines Like the Virgin Islands, the Grenadine Islands are close together, so while sailing, land is never out of sight, and you can visit one island for lunch and another for the evening.  Like the Virgin Islands, the Grenadines form part of two countries – half belong to… Read more »

Sail the French West Indies

Cruise the French West Indies Sailing is one of the Caribbean’s most natural resources.  Because the trade winds blow out of the East and the chain of islands runs in a north/south direction, it’s logical to want to set sail south to Martinique from Antigua for some of the best sailing conditions in the world.  Each island is between… Read more »

Croatia by Sea – Yachts and Prices Summer 2014

Croatia by Sea Yachts and Prices Summer 2014 Croatia offers much for cruising yachtsmen to love – incredible scenery of coves and beaches, bays and bluffs, vineyards and olive groves, and forests of cypress and pine – an amazingly indented coastline from Montenegro to Split, rollicking night life on the islands of Hvar and Brac,… Read more »

Yacht Cruise in Greenland

GREENLAND BY SAIL Greenland is one of the most fascinating places you can reach by sailboat. From the majestic silence of the glaciers and icebergs to the lively and colorful villages of the Inuit, Greenland is an untouched paradise of rough and singular beauty.  Join Nicholson Yacht Charter’s aboard one of our luxurious charter yachts,… Read more »

Best Videos from Charter Yachts

Get inspired by these best videos from charter yachts. As is often the case, purely because of the random nature of how clips spread virally on the web, these videos are simply wonderful efforts put together by individuals…and blow out of the water many of the (much more expensively made) promos shot for direct marketing… Read more »

Water Sports Guide to the Largest Charter Yachts

When I first tried surfing and fell into roiling waves again and again and again, I spent a week picking sand out of unmentionable places. The first time I tried windsurfing, I stood and slowly sailed downwind before turning to ignominiously swim the board back, since trying to tack splayed me on the sail like… Read more »

Join a Group Cruises

So you have Wanderlust: a strong, irresistible impulse or desire to travel the world. But you have no holiday buddy? Try going it alone!  Just be­cause you’re not part of a group doesn’t mean you can’t join one!  Nicholson Yacht Charters represents a fiine fleet of sail and power yachts, where individuals can join a… Read more »