Best Charter Yachts for Foodies

While the Caribbean is rarely included among the great gastronomic hubs, it may be time to change all that. Among its advantages: fresh ingredients like straight-off-the-boat seafood, tropical fruits picked each morning, and a plethora of spices that European empires fought wars to control in centuries past. Fresh Papaya and Kiwi from the galley of… Read more »

Romantic Getaways –

Honeymoons, Anniversaries & Valentine’s Day Specials It’s not surprising that a yacht charter in the Virgin Islands remains one of the most popular romantic vacation options: you can spend long, warm days snorkeling, enjoy afternoon naps in a beautiful master cabin (with galleon windows if you like!), and take sunset walks or picnics along the water…. Read more »

Cruise the Coast of Turkey

The Lycian Coast of Turkey offers unimaginable delights. The area between Bodrum and Gocek is a yachtsman’s dream. Snow-capped mountains rise sheer from the sea. The bays are tranquil and scenic abounding in antiquity. The land is Biblical and pastoral with sheep farmers and ladies in colorful pantaloons who bend at the waist to plant… Read more »

Best Charter Crews

Nicholson Yacht Charters has always said we are more in the business of the selling captains and crew than we are yachts. This is because our crew tailor your cruise so that it exactly fulfills your expectations. They advise on what to do and see ashore. They become your guides; they are enthusiastic about the… Read more »

Passport Parties

Our charter crews call them “International Nights,” or “Passport Parties” – evenings where yachts dress ship according to a country and the evening meal reflects that country’s cuisine.  International Nights are the perfect way to explore the culinary world without leaving town. Join us aboard ship for these special dining experiences. “We were Japan for… Read more »

Discover Italy by Sea

Few people realize the large number of islands off the coast of Italy, all of which are delightful to visit aboard a Nicholson Yacht Charter.  Combine ports of call along the Italian mainland, and excellent cruising itineraries can be had. There are four groups of islands off the west coast of Italy that have been… Read more »

Sunsets and Aperitifs

The Caribbean islands are famous for their sunshine—and rightly so. Is there anything more daydream-worthy, more symbolic of languor and ease, than those ubiquitous images of sugary white beaches, dappled palms, and turquoise lagoons sparkling in the sun? Sunsets in the Caribbean don’t get nearly as much attention. But they should. Those gorgeous stretches of sand and sea (well,… Read more »

Hikes and Trails of the BVI

  The Virgin Islands have hiking trails that criss-cross the islands – along the shores and through the mountains – that are safe for tourists.  Some you can rent ATVs on; others are for hiking only.  Jost Van Dyke, St. John, Anagada, and Tortola all have trails…and it feels so good to get off the… Read more »

Sailing: the Perfect Way to Unwind

Some people prefer the peace and quiet of a sailing yacht for their charters, and chartering under sail can be an immensely relaxing experience. Sailing yachts don’t tend to be quite as roomy as motor yachts, and generally have less useable deck space, but for those who prefer a quieter, more back-to-nature approach, the sailing… Read more »

Explore the Historical Sites of the Virgin Islands by Yacht

Interested in Caribbean history?  Come and explore the historical sites of the British and United States Virgin Islands aboard a Nicholson charter yacht.   Visit old fortifications, sugar mills, great houses, a copper mine, and dive a shipwreck, whilst sailing to six beautiful tropical islands aboard any of our luxury yachts with exclusive accommodations and… Read more »