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Charter Types

Nicholson Yacht Charters arranges the following services for our clients :

  • Corporate Charters
  • Tandem Cruises, for Large Parties
  • Event Charters
  • Honeymoons, Anniversaries, Weddings & Vow Renewal
  • Gulet Cruises
  • Half-Board Charters
  • Captain-Only Charters
  • Day Charters
  • Greek Charters
  • SCUBA Diving Charters

We also arrange charters on Superyachts, Power Yachts, Sailing Yachts, and BVI Catamarans. To request pricing information, feel free to contact us.

Corporate Charters

Since many luxury yachts have conference rooms, bars, discotheques, and are operated by a full complement of crew, who deliver a high standard of service and professionalism in State of the Art Luxury, corporations are well served by the yacht charter industry.


Corporations use yachts to host cocktail parties at the dock. They use yachts as venues for business meetings – as places to sign deals, launch products, negotiate deals, and have discussions. CEOs enjoy luxury yacht charters as ways to enjoy the perks of his or her hard work. Corporations use yacht charters as “rewards” or incentives for employees.


Day Charters: Commercially registered yachts are not permitted to leave dock with more than 12 guests, and while Europe and the Caribbean do allow vessels to entertain more than 12 guests at dock only, the US Coast Guard in the United States does not permit it. Hence, 12 Guests is the maximum number accommodated on day and corporate charters in coastal waters of the United States.

Tandem Charters

Tandem Charters are cruises where more than one yacht is chartered at the same time, so yachts cruise in convoy. Activities are adjusted, so that the group comes together as often as possible. Large Family Groups, Wedding Parties, and Incentive Groups book Tandem Charters. Catamarans work well for Tandem Cruises, as they have equal cabins each with private, ensuite bathroom, but any kind of yacht can be used.


Yachts can race each other by day and raft up at night. They can sail in formation, tacking at the top of every half hour, so they cross each other’s bow. One yacht hosts a luncheon for everybody one day; another yacht hosts another event another day, so the whole party benefits from chartering several yachts.


Paddleboard and kayak races can are be arranged…Scavenger hunts are fun, not only for children, but adults as well with the invention of “geocaching,” the practice of using a GPS to find buried treasure. Beach parties are fun, as well as beach bonfires at night …Starburst anchoring is possible….   Yacht hops can be arranged for the evenings in a marina, where all the yachts host a party and the group visits each yacht for hor d’oeurves and cocktails.  The idea is to get the groups from all the boats mingling as much as possible, so guests have a memorable holiday.

Event Charters

France and Monaco are famous for the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco F1 Grand Prix that take place during spring each year. Many luxury yachts are available for these ultra-lux events, which run over the course of several days, where people can charter them for accommodation and/or to host large parties at the dock. The Monaco F1 Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious events of the Mediterranean yachting season. The Grand Prix runs over four days and offers its spectators a plethora of ultra-lux events. For those chartering a Superyacht, the experience is simply unforgettable. Watch the action from the comfort of your yacht. Charter guests have prime viewing of the action, as the track runs alongside Port Hercule Marina in Monte Carlo.

Honeymoons, Anniversaries, Weddings & Vow Renewals

Many yachts in the Virgin Islands offer Honeymoon and Anniversary Specials. A typical special will include 1 full case of bubbly, $200 for a romantic dinner ashore at a restaurant of guests’ choice, a box of Godiva chocolates, and a romantic picnic on a secluded beach. Valentines’ Day meals are also often geared to reflect that day’s special meaning. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, renew your vows, escape for a honeymoon, or get married with a large reception in the islands, Nicholson Yacht Charters has a gorgeous fleet of yachts in the Virgin Islands, many of which reduce their rates for parties of two, that offer honeymoon and anniversary specials just for you. If you are looking to get married in the islands, our yachts have crew who are highly motivated to take care of every detail for you. Some of our captains are even licensed to marry couples and renew vows.

Gulet Charters

The Eastern Mediterranean has a proud heritage of boat building. The type of yacht that is built there is called a Gulet, or in Greece a “Caique,” which is a motorsailer – that is, a sailing yacht with powerful engines and commodious accommodations, usually for parties of up to twelve. They are available for private charter among the Greek Islands out of Athens and along the coast of Turkey out of Marmaris. There are a few Gulets in Croatia and Southern Italy as well. Competitively priced, the Gulets in Greece and Turkey are well operated by local crew with ability to speak a little English, and they know the cruising ground well. They usually have an established itinerary that in Turkey will not usually include the nearby Greek Islands unless by advance request, but which will stop at all the major Turkish ports of interest. They serve delicious local cuisine, and their clientele of American and European guests enjoy carefree, decision-free cruises at low rates.


Each Gulet has its own terms of charter but rates are usually quoted by the week for the party as a whole with high season from mid-June to mid-September and low season during May and October. These rates usually include crew food, four hours of fuel per day, VAT tax, and dockage. Guest food is sold by the person per day and meal plans are available on a full-board basis or half-board, depending on whether guests wish to dine out during the evening or not. The yachts are nicely maintained and give guests an opportunity to explore a coastline with a friendly, local crew. Gulet cruises serve eco-tourism and offer a relaxing holiday. We inspect these yachts annually and highly recommend them.

Half-Board Charters

For people who enjoy restaurants and going out at night, half-board charters are the way to go. Although dining aboard charter yachts in the Virgin Islands is often better than at restaurants ashore, half-board rates are great for guests who enjoy going out in the evening and meeting people. They also support the local economy. Half-Board rates are common in the Virgin Islands, but Greek and Turkish Gulets have been quoting half-board rates for ages.


Half-board charters are luxury charters, whose crew provide only some of the meals, so that guests can sample the restaurants ashore and not have to pay for that meal twice, once aboard and another ashore. Although half-board rates vary from yacht to yacht, weekly rates for Half-board charters in the Virgin Islands usually include 7 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 4 dinners, daily snacks, soft drinks and standard ship’s bar (domestic beer, wine and spirits). The other meals are not served aboard, so guests can dine ashore at their own expense.

Captain-Only Charters

A few yachts with crew in the Virgin Islands are available for charter on a captain-only basis. Guests do not have to be qualified sailors to charter a yacht with captain only, but guests do their own cooking and provisioning and help with the sailing.


Guests charter a well-maintained, luxury yacht at a lower rate with a professional captain. Prices for captain-only charters vary from boat to boat, but clients pay for water, fuel, moorings, trash removal, ice, BVI park tax and permits, plus dockage, all of which runs about $700 US. The charter starts with a full tank of fuel and water, and clients top-up at the end of the charter. Guests do their own provisioning on arrival. Captain-only charters are a great way to charter a luxury yacht for less.


SCUBA Dive Charters

The Virgin Islands are a premier diving destination.  Horseshoe Reef to windward keeps the Atlantic swells at bay, creating a calm cruising ground with excellent visibility for snorkling and scuba diving.  St. John is also a National park, which prohibits fishing, so there are lots of tropical fish too photograph and see: sea turtles, octopus, lionfish, grouper, etc.   There are about twenty dive sites in the Virgin Islands that dive operators have pooled information on to give people a brief but picturesque description of what they will see on each dive.  They have names like “Painted Walls,” “The Indians,” “Van Ryan’s Rock,” “Chimney,” “The Chikuzen.”    Diving these places looks like something out of Gulliver’s travels:  “Long canyons,” “caves,” “sponge-encrusted tunnels,” “sheer cliffs,” “winding canyons”, “underwater arch”, brilliant corals, waving sea fans, “Spanish galleons”, “soaring peaks,” resident nurse sharks, pelagic fish, soft and hard corals, “drift dives.,” and all are in depths of 10 to 100 feet.


Many yachts in the Virgin Islands carry dive gear at extra cost.  If you are not a certified diver, ‘dive instructor’ is the operative word.  We need to find you a yacht that has a dive instructor, so you can take “The Resort Course,” a two-dive course for the novice that enables you to dive, accompanied by a dive instructor (your captain), who stays with you throughout the entire dive. It’s a special dive that Naui and Padi recognize to introduce people to scuba diving.  The cost is about $175/diver.


If you are a certified diver, please bring your certification cards with you, and many additional yachts will be opened up to you, as many yachts in the Virgin Islands are operated by captains and crew, who are dive masters and, therefore, cannot instruct scuba but who will dive with you and qualify to obtain the insurance necessary to be able to offer diving to guests….


If you are not a certified diver but would like to become so, many of our dive instructors  will complete the Open Water dive portion of the dive course with you down in the Virgin Islands.  In other words, you have to complete your pool work and written part of the exam Stateside first, and then your captain will complete the open water dive portion of your course with you down in the Virgin Islands.


You can get your Open Water I Dive Certificate easily.  Go to www.padi.com or www.naui.com and enroll in the e-course.  This portion of the three-part process to Open Water 1 Certification costs $138 and consists of six units of ‘intellectual development’ with quizzes and certifications.  Simultaneously, you start your 4-5 hours of required pool work. The links above will refer you to your nearest local dive centers, so you can schedule pool work.  Enroll in classes that meet 1-3 times a week, depending on your schedule. The cost for pool work is between $150-$250….  Now print your e-Record and Referral Forms to bring to the Caribbean with you.  Your crew will complete the open water dive portion of your course with you for $300 and mail you your Open Water I dive certificate.  After that, each additional dive with the captain is roughly $40/dive plus equipment rental of $85/week, or bring your own gear.


Picture yourself! Myriads of colorful fish dart in and out of brain coral – shafts of light illuminate waving sea fans – the white sand of the ocean floor is rippled by the passing waves. You are in a fantasy world of silence and buoyancy, where color and movement take the place of sound and weight.