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Welcome to Nicholson Yacht Charters

Undoubtedly, yacht charters provide an unforgettable experience; being on a yacht is an exclusive and luxurious experience unlike any other. If you’re looking to explore the Mediterranean, adventure along the North American Coast, find a piece of paradise in the Caribbean or explore exotic and beautiful destinations in Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean or South Pacific while in the comforts of an extravagant yacht, Nicholson Yacht Charters provide you with the vessel and crew you need to make a memory that will last a life time. Did you know we’re the oldest established yacht charter in the world? That’s right, Nicholson Yacht Charters has been providing the best yachting experience possible for our valued clients for over 70 years. Check out the different types of yachts you can choose from when working with Nicholson Yacht Charters.  


Few things are more enjoyable than exploring earth’s beauty in the comfort of a sailboat yacht. Sailing with loved ones and or friends to exotic locations are a recipe for treasured memories. Our sailboat yacht options are a smooth ride for sailors and a comfortable and relaxing one for passengers. From enjoying the sun and fresh air while out on the water to adventuring to new parts of the world, you’ll never feel better than while on a sailboat yacht.  

Power Yachts

We have a variety of power yacht options that are renowned for their comfort and lavish amenities, making them an ideal vessel for your adventure. There are many advantages to choosing a power yacht; for starters, you’ll be treated to a five start service while on route to your destination. It will feel like home, albeit with scenic and amazing views and memorable vistas that one turn of the neck away. As a private vacation setting, everything is up to you—you decide when to eat, what to eat and when to explore, among many other options. Power yachts are ideal for large groups!  


Catamarans provide ample space and a stable yet fast ride for guests. Catamarans are easy to maneuver and dock and are family friendly because it’s easy to stay active without getting seasick while on a catamaran. We have a bevy of options for you to choose from.  

Reasons to Schedule With Nicholson Yacht Charters

As you can see, from elegant sailing yachts and catamarans built for leisurely cruises to power yachts and super yachts built for longer journeys with larger groups, we have vessels to suit every occasion. We work with small groups of one or two, medium-sized groups of six to twelve and even much larger groups. Just tell us what you’re looking for in a yacht charter and any activities you would like to do or locations you would like to see, and we’ll start planning your trip. What’s more, when you schedule a yacht charter with us, we will take care of all the details. You will have an experienced, helpful captain and crew to man the ship, a fully-planned course and a beautiful, luxurious yacht that everyone in your group will love. If you want to lay under the stars on the glassy ocean, see beautiful new locations, experience a diverse array of cultures and watch the most beautiful sunsets in the world, contact us today to schedule a private luxury yacht charter. Find out more about Nicholson Yacht Charters...

Choose Your Destination

Caribbean Yacht Charter

With over 3,000 miles of cooling trade winds, it’s no wonder that sailing is one of the Eastern Caribbean’s greatest natural resources.

Destination Mediterranean with Nicholson

It will be difficult to choose among France Italy, Spain, Greece or Turkey. Each country you visit offers highlight after highlight.

North American Yacht Charters

North American Charters offers places like New England, Florida, Gulf of Mexico, California, the west coast and Alaska.

Asia Charters

With a superb tropical climate from March through November, fanned by trade winds, the warm waters of the South Pacific charter.

What can you expect from a Nicholson Charter?

“Relax and let yourself be wafted, with billowing canvas aloft and crystal clear waters below, to the tropical isle of your fancy.”

Cmdr. Vernon Nicholson, O.B.E., R.N.

Nicholson Yacht Charter

What Life is Like on a Chartered Yacht

Have you ever thought what life would be like a chartered yacht? Let us describe it for you: Pearly pink dawns, sunlit afternoons and soft, balmy evenings; the aroma of fresh coffee coming from the galley as you take a morning swim; the pleasures of having an attentive and knowledgeable crew; the freedom of having your own yacht. Go ahead—picture yourself there. You step aboard, and the dedicated crew greets you with a warm smile and a tall, cool glass. Your cabin is spacious and luxurious, with beautiful décor and an in-suite bathroom. As you unpack, your yacht tugs at its anchor, ready to whisk you off to exotic places. As the days unfold, you cruise from one beautiful anchorage to the next, from one new adventure to another. In some areas, where the islands are close together, you can visit several anchorages in the same day.

It's Your Schedule

However, this is your vacation! There are no set times. If you feel like just relaxing on the power yacht, catamarans or sailboat to soak up the sun’s rays, go for it! You can spend time underway or at anchor—the choice is up to you!

Our Crew Is Here For You

The options are limitless when you work with us. One day, our crew could arrange a beach barbecue or a picnic by a waterfall. Alternatively, on another day we can take you on a sightseeing excursion to historic sites, quaint villages and colorful markets—or for a shopping spree or local dinner recommendation unlike any other! And if you’re craving exercise, we can take you to beautiful golf courses, or you can go for a rendezvous dive or snorkeling. There are limitless options and your meals are prepared for you by a professional chef!

Your only job is to…have the trip of a lifetime! To learn more about the benefits of choosing Nicholson Yacht Charters, contact us today.
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