British Virgin Islands Yacht Charters

British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

It is no wonder that the British Virgin Islands are the #1 sailing destination in the world. With over 30 awe-inspiring islands, this Caribbean paradise is one that every person should experience and enjoy at least once in their lifetime. Fortunately, Nicholson Yacht Charters makes it easy by offering a variety of beautiful British Virgin Islands yacht charter options. So sail away with us!

There are many activities to engage in while chartering a yacht in the British Virgin Island, including snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, and swimming with dolphins! After an adventure-filled day, relax on any one of the pristine beaches and enjoy live music and dancing. With over 60 different yachts to choose from, we can accommodate groups of all sizes. Our staff will handle the details of your trip so you can enjoy all that the BVI has to offer.

Your British Virgin Island Yacht Charter options may include:

Fully Crewed Yachts – This experience includes a full crew that is prepared to tend to the needs of you and your guests. A fully crewed yacht consists of a professional chef, stewards, deckhands, and of course, a seasoned captain.

Captain Only – If you are looking for a more independent experience, opt for a captain-only charter. With this charter, you can completely immerse yourself into the yachting lifestyle as you crew the boat.

Tandem Cruising – This experience is perfect for large groups. With tandem cruising, you can charter several yachts for your group and cruise together. With stops in between, you can mix and mingle with other parties in the British Virgin Islands.

Why Choose Nicholson Yacht Charters

Nicholson Yacht Charters is the oldest established yacht charter company in the world and remains well-renowned for facilitating luxurious yacht vacations. Our family-owned and operated business is dedicated to satisfying our charter guests’ every need and providing an unforgettable yachting experience. Whether you are planning a solo getaway for yourself, romantic experience for two, or booking for a large group, we have vessels for every occasion.

With Nicholson Yacht Charters, your experience is tailor-made to your needs. Contact us to book your private, luxury British Virgin Island yacht charter today!