New York City Private Yacht Charter

New York City Yacht CharterGet away from the stress of the city with a private yacht chartered especially for you. From unforgettable special events to amazing family vacations, corporate events and more, Nicholson Yacht Charters takes you to the most beautiful regions in the world aboard a yacht that is perfect for you. You can bring a large group with multiple yacht tandem cruises or plan an anniversary event, honeymoon, wedding and more with a small group aboard a private yacht. Nicholson Yacht Charters helps you find the perfect NYC private and luxury Caribbean yacht charters, finding the ideal crew and vessel for your trip.

Founded in 1949, Nicholson Yacht Charters has helped make dream vacations and events come true all over the world. When you book your Caribbean yacht charter you can leave your typical day and routine behind and get ready for a visit to paradise. With a crew to serve you and an experienced captain to man your vessel, you can enjoy a private tour to the most beautiful islands on earth, with your every need and desire taken care of. Enjoy a reunion with your family and friends, an exciting and rewarding vacation with your colleagues and coworkers, or bring one special person aboard with you for a trip of a lifetime.

Learn more about private yacht charters and contact Nicholson Yacht Charters to find the perfect yacht for your upcoming event or vacation.