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Power Yachts



A 40′ to 100′ Power Yacht is considered a Yacht, or Luxury Yacht. These yachts generally have a main salon, aft deck, galley and bridge on the main deck, and sleeping accommodations for guests and crew in separated compartments below. Some power yachts have sun decks as well, although sky lounges are not often seen aboard power yachts from 40’ to 100’.


These size yachts are usually operated by 4 to 5 crew, including captain, professional chef, stewardess, deckhand, and engineer.  They typically accommodate 4 to 8 guests.  Many will have two full width cabins for two principal charter guests, plus several smaller cabins for guests or family.  Sleeping cabins on power yachts are a lot roomier than on sailing yachts.


Many 40’ to 100’ power yachts will have lots of sports equipment including a fast, console, towed tender for deep sea fishing, exploring, and scuba diving.   All yachts this size are air conditioned 24/7; all yachts this size  carry state of the art audiovisual and sound equipment with iPod docks, and if they don’t have Satellite communication aboard for internet for use out in the shipping lanes, as many of them do, then they will at the very least have some sort of way to pick up a signal for internet through hot spots during coastal cruising.


Some power yachts can be extremely fast; others are more economical on fuel.  Generally, they cruise at between 10 and 28 knots, depending on the size and type of hull, full displacement hulls consuming as little as 35 gallons an hour, cruising at 12 knots, for instance, while semi-placement or planing hulls can consume as much as 680 liters per hour, or even 980 liters an hour, or more, cruising at 28 knots, at a cost of about 1 Euro a liter to $3 a gallon generally at most marinas worldwide. The 30% APA that most yachts collect to purchase food and fuel on guests’ behalf is usually enough to cover fuel on most charters…..


Captains advise that the best cruises don’t cover too much distance. Captain’s try and keep running time on charters to a maximum of four hours per day.  So that guests can use the sports equipment and explore ashore, and so that the chefs and stewardesses can provide a nice service for guests.


Power yachts with long range cruising ability are known as Expedition yachts, useful for exploring remote regions like the Arctic or Antarctic, because they don’t need to come back to dock to refuel often.   Ideal for extended cruising, they are economical on fuel and have lots of freezer space as well; many expedition yachts come in the 40’ to 100’ size range, and though Expedition Yachts may not look as aesthetically pleasing as coastal cruising vessels, they are way cool yachts, because they cruise the world!


Many luxury power yachts have traditional styling inside; others can be minimalist and chic.  Yachts this size qualify for design awards. It’s not uncommon to find yachts this size with narrow hallways below, leading to sleeping cabins where you find more room.  Usually sun decks on this size yacht do not have Jacuzzi’s.  This is particularly true of yachts in Greece, where there is a large fleet of yachts like these available for charter.  We might see more exceptions to this rule among American-owned yachts this size, which are available in Florida, Bahamas, and the Americas – Caribbean, Alaska, etc.


Greece, Florida, and the Bahamas have large fleets of luxury yachts of this size for charter, but luxury power yachts are also available in the Caribbean, Western Mediterranean, and worldwide as well.  40’ to 100’ power yachts are generally priced from $10,000 to $50,000 a week plus expenses.  European-owned yachts of this size can run a little more.


Luxury power yachts from 40′ to 100′ have aft decks in addition to their main saloons, for hanging out in, as well as sun decks, usually with bars with stools and dining tables, and grills, and sun beds and music and TV…..  So there are at least three places to entertain, and some yachts will have places to sit or sun bath on the bow as well.


Gourmet Cruises
Chefs aboard charter yachts adjust their menus according to their guests’ food or drink requirements. Guests fill out a preference sheet, so that the chef is informed of your food and drink requirements. Chefs aboard charter yachts serve fresh ingredients, such as straight-off-the-boat seafood, local fruits and vegetables and a plethora of local herbs and spices. Many charter chefs have won standing in cooking competitions, which testifies to the quality and presentation of foods served aboard luxury catamaran, power, and sailing charter yachts. While the dining experience is exceptional aboard all charter yachts, we can show you a list of yachts, updated annually, whose chefs have placed in culinary competitions. Sample menus are available.


Families with Teens and Small Children
Children love Luxury Power Yacht charters, because power yachts carry lots of sports equipment that the crews enjoy sharing with children, and yachts are magnets for latest technologies such as Wii, Guitar Hero, Internet, Satellite Television, and Jet Skis. Choose cruising grounds for children where islands (or ports) are close together.  While all ages of children are welcome, there is  usually a clause in each contract that says Infants and children are the responsibility of an adult member of the charter party and must remain under their supervision at all times during the charter period. Use of personal water craft is only permitted subject to the operator having the appropriate license and meeting with local operating regulations. Any liability arising from non-compliance is at the operator’s risk. Scuba divers must be certified divers.  Bring your certificates with you.


Onboard Entertainment
When  you operate a charter yacht, you want it to be the best charter yacht it can possbly be, and our yacht captains and yacht owners are motivated! For instance, some captains get licenses to be able to marry people, if that’s what it takes to cater to that market. There are many creative ways our captains entertain guests aboard a boat, and while it must be understood that not all yachts offer the same thing, here are some of the ideas among the best captains, and then they only offer these ideas below by discussing it with guests on board first:

  • Live Bands Come Aboard and Play– Imagine a two- or three-man steel band coming aboard to play for you in the Caribbean, while you enjoy a balmy evening being served by a professional crew under the stars with your friends.
  • Outside Cinema– Imagine watching a movie on deck in the privacy of your cockpit, with popcorn!  Many power yachts have built-in, 3D TVs on their sun decks and sunbathing mattresses where guests can get comfortable to watch a movie al fresco. Audiovisual equipment is often available in the main saloon and sleeping cabins as well.
  • Passport Parties– Our charter crews call them “International Nights,” or “Passport Parties” – evenings where yachts dress ship according to a country and the evening meal reflects that country’s cuisine.
  • Costume Parties– The BVI is the opposite to the West Med in that guests on charter yachts cruising the BVI  often get dressed up in costume to go out at night, while in the Med, it’s fashionable to dress up chicly….  The BVI may be like this, because it used to be a favorite hangout of Blackbeard, the pirate.  But it is a common sight in the BVI for guests to dress up before going out, and some yachts in the BVI carry costumes for this very purpose….  The Bahamas would be an informal place like this too.
  • Al Fresco BBQ on the Sundeck with Chef Appearance– Many power yachts have sun decks with BBQ Grills, where the chef arrives in whites and flips scallops in front of guests dining al fresco.
  • Beach Parties – Out come the Bedouin tents, beach balls, sandcastle buckets, tables & chairs, wine glasses, breadfruit to roast in the sand (a Hangi party), kayaks and sports gear. Who doesn’t enjoy a day at the beach, playing volleyball in the sand?  These parties are reminiscent of the “rewards” given to the winning teams on the TV show Survivor. They can be thrown nearby a waterfall, or on a “raft” floating down a winding river. Beach parties are the epitome of great fun!


Costs –Rates for power yachts are quoted by the week and include P&I Insurance and the services of a full crew, but they do not include food, fuel, bar, or dockage. These items are sold at cost price. It is customary to wire a 30% “APA” (Advance Provisioning Allowance) to the captain, so the yacht can be prepared for your arrival. The captain keeps receipts and will show you a running tally of your expenses on request. At the end of the charter, if expenses have not exceeded the amount of the APA, the captain will refund the unused portion of the APA to you. If expenses have exceeded the APA, guests are expected to settle the account before departure in cash. Extras are delivery fee and VAT Tax. Crew will not solicit a gratuity, but a gratuity of between 5% and 15% of the base charter fee is customary.

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