Catch a non-stop flight to Athens and be onboard your yacht in an hour!

The beauty of cruising the Greek Islands is that all the islands in the Aegean are located right outside of Athens.  So you can start and end your charter in Athens and have a circular cruise through the Cyclades and return to Athens all in one week.  You can reach all the islands of the Cyclades and never have to retrace your steps twice.  You can see something new and different each and every day and never have to see the same island twice.  Typical islands visited on a one week, round trip cruise, beginning and ending in Athens include Kea, Syros, Mykonos, Paros, Eos, Santorini, Milos, Serifos, and Kythos, but there are many more islands besides!  You can reach the Sporades; you can reach the Peloponesus Pensinsula, including islands like Spetsi, Poros and Hydra.  The possibilities are endless!  There is so much to see there!  And the beauty of it all is you fly non-stop into Athens and not have to catch another flight.  Athens is located right in the heart of the cruising ground! You can fly non-stop into Athens and be onboard your yacht in an hour!

And what a cruising ground!  What a climate!  What beauty!  What delicious fresh food. flowers and friendly people… Your Adventure Awaits!

Greece has a huge assortment of extremely well run, friendly, fully crewed power and sailing yachts, ranging from 60 feet to 140 feet, and some sailing catamarans too.  There is something for everyone there.

May through October is sailing season. July and August cost more, but June and September offer delectable warm weather too.

Greece offers the lowest Vat Tax of all the countries in the Mediterranean at just 12%.