Health and Wellness Cruises



Health and Wellness CruisesPeople should not have to change what they eat just because they are going on vacation.  Our chefs are versatile in many kinds of Special Diets from Vegan to Gluten-Free to Raw Diets to Low Carb High Fat diets, and more!  While it is true that some chefs specialize in certain diets over others, and it is a good idea to let us know in advance what type of Menu you are specifically looking for, guests chartering yachts are encouraged to request Special Diets from our chefs.  For our chefs are increasingly able to deliver.


Many of our large yachts also carry exercise equipment, such as Treadmills and Cross Trainers.  Many yachts have rooms wholly dedicated to gym equipment.  Some of these gyms are located on the Sun Deck in glass surrounds, offering views of the cruising ground, while others are located below near the Swim Platform on the ‘Beach Club.’   Other yachts offer just the odd Treadmill or Cross Trainer here or there.  Please feel free to let us know what type of sun deck you prefer – one with a glass surround, containing a gym, or one laid out for sunning and socializing.

Spas too are offered on charter yachts.  From Massage Therapists to Beauticians to Saunas and Steam Baths and all manner of relaxing Swedish massages, many yachts are able to deliver.

A list of yachts offering Health and Wellness Cruises is listed on our Interactive Search option on our Website.  Under Number of Guests, select Wellness for a complete list and description.  Go ahead…Search Now.


 Health and Wellness Cruises are offered aboard yachts in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, New England, and the Bahamas. Please contact Sylvia Weston and/or Shelby Nicholson for further information.