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Where has 2014 gone? If you, like us at Nicholson Yacht Charters, have suddenly realized that summer is officially over, you’re no doubt looking forward to the winter charter season, as we are!

While less explored yachting destinations such as Asia-Pacific are becoming increasingly popular, when it comes to winter sailing, it’s hard to look past the Caribbean for your next yacht charter.

November through March is the perfect season to visit the string of island nations, which are bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. From the delicate corals to be discovered diving in the Bahamas, to the dramatic mountain peaks of Dominica, and all the long, white, sandy beaches in between, the Caribbean offers visitors everything they’ve ever pictured it to be, and more.

Here are some highlights:

•    The Bahamas: Situated a stone’s throw from the Miami coast, the Bahamian archipelago boasts some of the most idyllic sailing imaginable. Found to the south of the island chain, the 100 mile stretch known as the Exumas is made up of over 350 cays, or small, sandy islands, many of which are uninhabited. It’s a diving paradise, with coral reefs and wrecks dotting the underwater landscape. Another unique highlight is found at Major’s Spot Cay, famous for being home to pigs that swim in the shallow waters!

•   Anguilla: Named after the Spanish word for eel, in reference to its long, thin shape, what the island of Anguilla may lack in land (35 square miles in total), it makes up for in beaches. It’s hard to name a best, but if we had to, we’d say Shoal Bay East, a definite contender for the title of Best Beach in the World. There’s also an unwritten rule on the island which states no construction can be higher than a coconut tree! This thankfully means that there are no high rise resorts, common on neighboring St Maarten, and Anguilla remains a true Caribbean island escape.

•   Dominica: Dominica is known as the ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean’ and boasts a lush, green, jungle interior full of rainforests, waterfalls and dramatic mountain peaks. It’s a hiking utopia; a trek through the verdant interior reveals hot springs and volcanic sites, all to a soundtrack of the insect and birdlife which calls the Dominican jungle home. The somewhat rocky beaches aren’t the islands greatest attraction; however they act as the gateway to some of the best, and least explored, dive sites in the whole of the Caribbean.

•   St Barths: The ultimate New Year’s Eve yacht charter destination, St Barthélemy (St.Barths) oozes luxury island chic and is a justifiably exclusive oasis, with fabulous beaches, secluded coves and a real village charm. Refreshingly free from casinos, high rise resorts and mass tourism, there’s still that sleepy-Caribbean island feel, only intermixed with the same stylish restaurants and high-end boutiques that you would find in Monte Carlo.

For more information on these and other destinations, and to discuss your Caribbean yacht charter requirements, contact the Nicholson Yacht Charter team.

Motor Yacht ‘STARFIRE’ – 143 feet

Available in the Caribbean from $100,000 per week – Holiday Availability

Van Mill – 1988
10-11 Guests – 9 Crew
5 Cabins

Sailing Yacht ‘ANDROMEDA LA DEA’ – 154 ft

Available from St. Maarten from $125,000 per week – Holiday Availability

Perini Navi – 2006
9-8 Guests/ 11 Crew
4 Cabins

Motor Yacht ‘TOUCH’ – 120 feet

Available from St.Maarten from $65,000 per week – Holiday Availability

Louisbourg – 2004
8 Guests / 7 Crew
4 Cabins

Sailing Yacht ‘EROS’ – 115 feet

Available in the Western Caribbean or Sea of Cortez from $45,000 per week –Holiday Availability

Brooks – 1939
8 Guests / 5 Crew
4 Cabins

Motor Yacht ‘JAZZ OF MONACO’ – 99 ft

Available in the Caribbean and Bahamas from $50,000 a week

Benetti – 2007
8 Guests / 6 Crew
4 Cabins

Motor Yacht ‘IMPETUOUS’ – 120 feet

Available in the Bahamas for $60,000 a week – Holiday Availability

Crescent – 2004
8-9 Guests – 4 Crew
4 Cabins

Sailing Yacht WHISPER – 116 feet

Available from St. Maarten from $69,000 per week – Holiday Availability

Holland Jachtbouw – 2003
6 Guests / 5 Crew
3 Cabins

Motor Yacht ‘CRISTOBAL’ – 80 feet

Available from Florida and the Bahamas from $29,500 per week

Lazzara – 2004
6 Guests / 3 Crew
3 Cabins

Sailing Yacht “ICARUS” – 88 feet

Available in the Caribbean from $50,000 per week – Holiday Availability

Jongert Sloop – 2007
6 Guests/ 3 Crew
3 Cabins

Motor Yacht ‘LADY VICTORIA’ – 88 feet

Available in the Bahamas from $34,000 per week

Rayburn – 2004
6-8 Guests/ 4 Crew
4 Cabins

Sailing Yacht ‘QUEEN SOUTH III’ – 115 feet

Available in the Grenadines from $25,000 per week – Holiday Availability

Cihan Marine – 1999
8 Guests / 5 Crew
4 Cabins

Sailing Yacht ‘EMILY MORGAN’ – 60 feet

Available in the Grenadines from $9,900 per week – Holiday Availability

Bowman – 1982
6-8 Guests / 2 Crew
4 Cabins

For information on these or other yachts, please contact Shelby Nicholson and/or Sylvia Weston at 617 661 0555 or

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