In preparation for our departure to Greece (and Barcelona) for the annual charter yacht shows in early May, here are some yachts in Greece that are among our favorites from last year’s show.   The Greek fleet of motor yachts, mono-hull sailing vessels, and catamarans of every size are abundant and decidedly chic.  Their Greek crews are knowledgeable, attractive, young, outgoing, hospitable, and welcoming.  I look forward to greeting them all again!

The venue for this event is in quaint, historic Nafplion, on the mainland, down the Peloponnesus peninsula, a quaint town that used to be the ancient capital of Greece, about 2 hours from Athens.  With spacious, public quay and village square, it has a steep, pinnacle-shaped mountain in its midst with an ancient fort at the top, about 1,000 feet high with as many steps to the top, offering a stunning view of  the islands, mountains, and the Aegean Sea!

Bougainvillea, warm sunshine, delicious Greek salads, quaint restaurants, narrow cobble-stoned streets, chic boutiques, Greece is ridiculously quaint!  Hot, dry, sunny climate….orange groves laden with ripe fruit.  What’s not to love!  I might not come home!  What’s keeping me?  You!

Crews on charter yachts rise to the occasion to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations….  They bake beautiful birthday cakes; they pop champagne; they prepare ‘romantic couples dinners,’ or Wellness menus….  It all depends on what you like and request.  A yacht charter is like renting a house with a private chef; it’s a retreat vacation, similar to a bed and breakfast.  By all means let the crews know how you like to celebrate and have fun. The Mediterranean is formal in attire, rather than casual.

Please do not hesitate to ask Sylvia Weston or myself to arrange a yacht charter for you.