Post Hurricane Irma Update – Virgin Islands

It has been a tense time, watching Hurricane Irma with helplessness take her wrath on our lovely Virgin Islands.  It is heartening to see the assistance being given to the islands, and the recovery process beginning! We know the people are strong, resilient & proud, and we look forward to doing our part with them.

Reports have been coming in…. Below is a list of yachts and their status, following the hurricane. Some yachts were, of course, heavily damaged, but most have survived.

We have noted a degree of hesitation to charter in the Virgin Islands now. Certainly, we must all be conscientious in our activities. Top notch sailing is still there. Beaches are still there. The bars will be there, just a little less fancy for the moment! There will still be everything available for beautiful fun-filled charters… lovely catamarans, great service, good food & beverages, Anegada lobster, and warm clear waters with tropical breezes.

Given the option to cruise down island, the Grenadines, for instance, a beautiful cruising ground to the South not effected by Hurricane Irma, many charter crews  in the Virgin Islands have taken the stand to decline charters there, even at this early juncture, such is their belief in the Virgin Islanders spirit to clean up by Christmas, the start of the season, and continue chartering in the Virgin Islands this winter, to show visitors the wonders of the Virgin Islands and her beautiful waters.  So keep the faith.  Come sail the Virgin Islands this winter!

Virgin Islands post Hurricane Irma update

Yacht Status Updates

  • ALTERNATE LATITUDE – Safe in Puerto Rico
    AMAZING GRACE – cosmetic damage only, safe in STT
    ANTILLEAN – Safe in STT
    DAUNTLESS – Safe in Annapolis
    DEEP BLUE – Safe in Puerto Rico
    DIANNA ROSE – Safe in Grenada
    DREAMING ON – Safe in Belize
    DREAM SONG – Safe now in Puerto Rico
    EUPHORIA – Safe in Puerto Rico
    FEEL THE MAGIC – Safe in Puerto Rico
    GENESIS – Safe in Puerto Rico
    GUIDING LIGHT – Safe in Puerto Rico
    HYPNAUTIC – Safe in Puerto Rico
    LADY KATLO – Safe in St Martin
    MAKAI – Safe in Puerto Rico
    MIMZY – Safe in Puerto Rico
    MORE AMORE’ – Safe in Puerto Rico
    NANA – Safe on hard in Nanny Cay, undamaged we hear
    NEVERLAND – Safe in Puerto Rico
    PEGASUS – Safe in Puerto Rico
    OUT OF OFFICE – Appears to be fine, will know tomorrow
    QUEST – Safe in St Croix
    SANDCASTLE – leaning over but upright at VG, will know more tomorrow
    SHANGRI LA – Safe in Grenada
    SPLIT SECOND – Safe in New England
    SANTA ANA – Safe in Puerto Rico
    STARFISH – Safe In St Kitts
    STARGAZER – Safe in Grenada
    THE ANNEX – Safe in St Martin
    TOBARTHS – Upright on land in Nanny Cay, dismasted
    TRINITY – Safe in Puerto Rico
    TWO IF BY SEA – Safe
    ULTIMALIFE – Safe in STT
    VENTANA – Safe in Europe
    WINDSCAPE – Safe in Puerto Rico
    YES DEAR – Safe in Puerto Rico
  • DRUMBEAT – Damaged in VG
  • SUBLIME – Damaged in VG
  • SUITE LIFE – Safe in PR
  • THREE MOONS  – Safe in PR
  • RUNAWAY – Safe in PR
  • STEPPIN UP – Safe in PR
  • SIREN SONG – Safe in the Grenadines
  • LADY DEE – Safe in PR
  • SEA WITCH – Safe in NE
  • TEMPLAR – Safe in FL
  • ENTHEOS – Safe in the Grenadines
  • TABOO  – Safe down Island
  • MAJESTIC SPIRIT  – Safe in the Grenadines
  • QUIXOTE – Safe in NE
  • STORM PETREL – Safe in NE
  • WHISPER – Safe Compass Point
  • SABRAGE – Safe in VG
  • AKKA      St. Maarten         OK
  • ALTER EGO          Florida   OK
  • AMAZING            BVI/Tortola/Village Cay  Damaged, awaiting insurance assessment
  • AMAZING BLUES               Barbados             OK
  • AMAZING LADY  BVI/Tortola/Village Cay  Damaged, awaiting insurance assessment
  • AMERIGO            New England      OK
  • BAMARANDI       St. Maarten         Damaged, awaiting insurance assessment
  • CALYPSO              Miami    OK
  • CAP II    New England      OK
  • CAMELOT            Mediterranean   OK
  • DELICIA Greece  OK
  • FAIRSKIES            New England      OK
  • FREEBIRD            Bahamas/Georgetown    OK
  • GOOD VIBRATIONS          Virgin Gorda        Hauled Out; OK
  • HARMONY          Martinique          OK
  • HAWKEYE            Europe  OK
  • IRRESISTIBLE      St. Thomas          OK
  • ISLAND LADY      St. Lucia               OK
  • LADY M Europe  OK
  • MANUTARA        Florida   OK
  • MOJEKA               Grenada               OK
  • MOJITO               St. Maarten/Oyster Pond               Unknown
  • MUSTANG           New England      OK
  • NEMO CAT          Antigua Hauled Out; OK
  • NEMO S/Y           Grenada               OK
  • NENNE  Europe  OK
  • NIRVANA             St. Maarten/Oyster Pond               Unknown
  • PERFECT HARMONY        Florida   OK
  • PERFECT SENSE  Florida   OK
  • PIGGYBANK         Ft. Lauderdale/Canal       OK
  • RISKY WATERS   New England      OK
  • RUBICON            Bahamas/Georgetown    OK
  • SAGITTARIUS      Grenada               OK
  • SEAHOME            Grenada               OK
  • SEA SENOR          Bahamas/Nassau             OK
  • SEACLUSION       Florida   OK
  • SEADUCTION      St. Maarten/Oyster Pond               Unknown
  • SILENT WINGS   Grenada               OK
  • SKIMMER            BVI/Tortola/Village Cay  Damaged; awaiting insurance assessment
  • SYRENE Ft. Lauderdale    OK
  • TELLSTAR            Chesapeake        OK
  • VICTORIA            Virgin Gorda        Hauled out, mast down but OK
  • VISION  Martinique          OK
  • VITESSE Florida   OK
  • XIMERA Grenada               OK