Sailing: the Perfect Way to Unwind

Some people prefer the peace and quiet of a sailing yacht for their charters, and chartering under sail can be an immensely relaxing experience. Sailing yachts don’t tend to be quite as roomy as motor yachts, and generally have less useable deck space, but for those who prefer a quieter, more back-to-nature approach, the sailing yacht is the perfect way to unwind.

The ELEANORA under full canvas.
Sailing the calm waters of the Virgin Islands with Bloody Marys in hand aboard the 58’ catamaran S/Y Braveheart 
Young Julia took over the driving responsibilities during the Christmas Charter.  Photo courtesy of the 47′ Catamaran Sloop, CARIBBEAN DREAM 
Majestic! Was it just us or did this week sail by? Here’s United States Coast Guard Barque EAGLE as its crew sets the main royal sail.
Does it get any better than a hot night, cool breeze, oil lamp, and the Red Sox coming back from behind?
Skipper’s Log: “Leaving Megansett, Cape Cod on November 4th, 1994 for Bermuda, the winds stiffened, clearing Martha’s Vineyard during the night….” What fun it is to set sail for offshore.
Top 3 Things Mom Really Wants
1. A clean house that she didn’t have to clean
2. To sleep in and enjoy a wonderful breakfast on Mother’s Day
3. A relaxing vacation aboard Three Moons!
She also likes a really good deal! So she will have more $$$ to spend on her vacation clothes!   This year, the 72’ Irwin Ketch Three Moons offers $1,500 OFF all rates! For charters taking place from Mother’s Day until December 1, 2013, including Thanksgiving!
“Relax and let yourself be wafted with billowing canvas aloft and crystal clear waters below to the tropical isle of your fancy” – Commander Vernon E.B. Nicholson, O.B.E., 1949
A norther has kicked up some sea activity in the BVI; the result is the seas are more than their usual brilliant palette of blues and azures.  From the deck of the 72′ Sloop PACIFIC WAVE.
Can you name the sails flying aboard the 73′ topsail schooner, “Bonnie Lynn?” She is available for charter off the coast of Maine during the summers.
This photo was Star Clipper’s earth day post on Facebook this year.  Star Clipper, take a bow!
Port tack, full sail, the 150′ Perini Navi Ketch, ANTARA, is on her way to Guadeloupe.
S/Y Bravura flies her spinnacker and blooper.
2013 Antigua Sailing Week

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The world-class sailing conditions around Antigua get the Royal stamp of approval.  How beautiful the Caribbean Sea is!  Guadeloupe, Montserrat, and Nevis are all on the horizon and make perfect destinations for sailors who want longer distances between islands.  Here, the annual Antigua Sailing Week gets under way.

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