The Best Places to Cruise in the Fall

If you’re looking to plan one last getaway before winter sneaks up on us, cruises make excellent trips! In the fall, you can travel by boat to your favorite destinations and enjoy all the fall foliage. Also, while the kids are back in school, your desired travel destination will be less crowded and more relaxing.

Here are some wonderful fall cruising options:

Caribbean Cruises

The fall is the perfect time to take a trip to the Caribbean. The heat and humidity from the summer have subsided. And, the peak of hurricane season has passed. So there is little to worry about when you’re traveling in the fall. When you travel to the Caribbean in the fall, most of their attractions like snorkeling and ziplining are still available because of the warm temperatures.

At Nicholson Yacht Charters, our featured locations for our Caribbean Cruises include:

  • The Virgin Islands
  • The Leeward Islands
  • The Windward Islands
  • The Grenadine Islands
  • Cozumel & Cancun
  • Belize
  • San Blas Islands 

Mediterranean Cruises

When you travel to the Mediterranean during the summer months, you’ll be quick to find that the summer is the busiest time for these destinations. That’s when crowds are the biggest, which means you’ll have to wait to try your desired attractions or restaurants.

It’s much easier to travel to the Mediterranean in the fall because the area is less crowded, which means shorter wait times, and more opportunities for you to explore!

Our featured Mediterranean Charters include:

  • Italy
  • France
  • Croatia
  • The Turkish Coast
  • The Greek Islands

Alaska Cruises

Although Alaska sailings typically end in the late summer, there are a few occasions where it can take place during early September. Often when you travel to Alaska during the off-season, you will have more availability to try new things, and not to mention, the views are spectacular. If you’re looking for a cruise with cooler temperatures, Alaska cruises are for you because the temperatures tend to drop more suddenly then the other locations.

Sailing By Yacht

At Nicholson Yacht Charters, we have what you need to offer the most satisfying and luxurious yachting experiences. Our staff will make sure you have the vacation that you’ve dreamed of having. Check out our online selection of yachts, and give us a call at 800-662-6066 when you’re ready to plan your next trip