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Caribbean Weather: Best Time to Sail

  Best Time to Visit: March through June   Clients often ask us what the weather is like in the Caribbean.  “When’s the best time of year to cruise?”  I was born and raised in Antigua. I’ll be glad to help you with that.   Although the Caribbean is nice year round except during August

Mollihawk 70' Schooner Commander Vernon E.B. Nicholson, English Harbour, Antigua, Rodney Nicholson, Julie P. Nicholson

Cruising with Your Pet: The Story of the Nicholson's of Antigua

How Amber the Cat Changed the Course of the Nicholson Family Cruise in 1949 My grandfather Vernon E. B. Nicholson was a commander in the Royal Navy during World War II.  His job was to scour the English countryside for suitable boats to convoy sailors to the beaches of Normandy, and there on the mud