Chef Superstars

Fort de France public market – Abundance! Color! Hustle and bustle! Succulent tomatoes! Spices. Watercress – Live rabbits! But mostly, delicious homegrown vegetables and fruit – fragrant vanilla beans. Portly ladies in colorful bandanas – French patois being spoken. A charter chef can fill up his baskets in no time, and guests eat beautifully! Anchored… Read more »

Meals are a Main Event

Our all-inclusive rates for yachts available for charter in the Virgin Islands cover meals, accommodation, travel through the islands, services of the crew, and use of the sports equipment. So you can budget the cost of your holiday before you leave home. Meals are a main event on a Nicholson Yacht Charter and often include… Read more »

Best Birthday Ever

The best way to make someone’s Birthday the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER is to bake them a memorable cake!  Here’s how…   Angela aboard the 47’ charter catamaran “Caribbean Dream” prepared this 50th Birthday cake for one of her charter guests. She decorated it while her guests were ashore, enjoying The Baths, which influenced her cake theme. There was a big… Read more »

Best Restaurants in the BVI

Fanciful Feasts and Down-Home Fare in the BVI   Peter Island Even if you’re not staying at Peter Island, Little Dix Bay, or Biras Creek, you don’t have to miss their superb dining. The just-updated menu at Peter Island’s Tradewinds(284/495-2000; dinner for two $130) has been given an Asian spin. Guests wrote, “We moored at Peter… Read more »

Caribbean Fauna

Animal lovers seeking a creature-oriented vacation can’t go wrong in the Caribbean. From rare birds and colorful reef fish to majestic whales, cats and dogs, animals are aplenty from Grenada to the Virgin Islands. So pack up the fish identification cards, bird binoculars and sharky snacks, it’s time to go on a critter quest. Charter… Read more »

In Search of the Real Moby Dick

  Whale watching has become an “eco-phenomenon” in many places of the world: Iceland, Galapagos, New Zealand, artic Canada and California are just a few of the places known for whale watching. But you do not have to travel halfway around the world to see whales; there’s whale watching right here in the waters off… Read more »

Snorkeling the Tropical Reefs of the BVI

  The Virgin Islands are a premier scuba diving and snorkeling destination, because the water is so clear.  The east/west direction of the islands to the easterly Atlantic swells prevents the sand from being churned up inside the cruising ground, and fishing is restricted in the National Park.  So there are lots of tropical fish and… Read more »

Swimming with Dolphins: The Chance to Frolic with Flipper

Swimming with dolphins is as old as myth—the Greeks told tales of these creatures carrying shipwrecked sailors to safety.  In the wild, dolphins can swim 40 to 50 miles a day and dive hundreds of feet deep. Dolphins travel in pods – complex social groupings – and often form lifelong bonds.  Extremely intelligent animals, dolphins… Read more »

Do You Scuba? Here’s Why You Should

The Virgin Islands are a premier diving destination.  The islands are protected by Anegada and Horseshoe Reef to windward, which break the Atlantic swells from churning up the sands inside the cruising ground, creating excellent visibility.  As well, the islands are inside a National park, which prohibits fishing.  So the oceans are not fished out,… Read more »

Corporate Charters & Large Groups: Tandem Charters

If you have a large family (more than 12 people) or group of friends all wishing to travel together, you can arrange a ‘cruise in tandem.’  This means chartering two or three vessels and travelling in convoy. Catamarans are particularly ideal for this, as they have equal cabins, each with private ensuite bathroom, usually for… Read more »